Genesis64 is what might be called a 'Fantasy Console', based on the C64 and written in TypeScript.

What it is: right now a mess of typescript code, which parses C64 basic and let you run it in a browser, it also emulates the c64 screen (the text mode only atm)

What it (hopefully) will be: a system to make c64 *like* games (with a twist, but that's for another post) in the browser or something you could put on a wiki to demonstrate basic commands.

Bugs?: Heck yes! (and I guess a lot of them that I haven't even thought of - so I'd appreciate it if you'd point out any you find :) (DM me on twitter) )

Note: A lot of the VIC is working, namely screen ram: $0400, color ram: $d800 and ALL sprite registers, as well es memory setup registers.

What else: It's rough as guts, alpha (early alpha) and honestly not very useful atm. Still I don't mind if you give it a go and tell me that it is *worth* the time I dump into it ;) .

Currently supported BASIC commands:

clr, data, dim, end, for, gosub, goto, if, input, let, list, new, next, poke, print, read, rem, restore, return, run, stop, step, then, to
abs, asc, atn, cos, exp, fre, int, len, log, peek, pos, rnd, sgn, sin, sqr, tan, val
chr$, left$, mid$, right$, str$
spc, tab
and, or, not, <>, !=, <=, >=, <, >, =, +, -, *, /, ^

Still missing:

close, cont, cmd, def, get, GET#, INPUT#, load, on, open, PRINT#, save, sys, verify, wait, fn, usr

twitter: @nGFX